Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let there be LIGHTS!

Hi there sports music fans!

I found myself lying in bed and thinking about this blog the other night. I missed writing a music blog so I decided that I would pick this one back up again. When I logged on yesterday I couldn't believe that it had been years since I'd posted. It certainly didn't feel like it was that long ago!

I did a little re-modelling, revamping, etc. and now I'm ready to blog about music to my heart's content!

As it were, I was planning on coming back with a post about one of my favourite Canadian artists: Lights. To make things a little sweeter, she just announced the release of her next album, Little Machines, due out on September 23rd. Of course I've already pre-ordered it and listened to the first single, Up We Go, a half-dozen times (check it out on iTunes). Without spoiling the fun, I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the album and the fall tour!

I only started listening to Lights within the last year or so. I'd heard some of her songs on the radio (Drive My Soul, Toes) but it wasn't until I started listening to electro-pop artist, Owl City (whom I will be blogging about soon!), that I really discovered her.

I know that electro-pop isn't for everyone, but Lights has a magic touch when it comes to awesome synth riffs, thoughtful lyrics, and great mixing. She's also got a fantastic voice; whether it's enhanced with digital effects or pure, raw, and acoustic, her vocals just seem to seep into your pores.

A little background info on our synth-queen:
~ Lights is her legal name. She had it changed when she was 18
~ She's married to blessthefall front man Beau Bokan and they have a daughter named Rocket (who is SUPER cute, by the way)
~ She won her first (and so far only) Juno in 2009 in the Best New Artist category
~ Originally from Timmins, Ontario, Lights currently lives in Vancouver
~ She's a huge comic book nerd and even has a comic book version of herself called "Captain Lights" which was drawn for her by Marvel artist Tomm Coker

Check her out on social media:
Twitter: @lights  Instagram: @lightsy  Facebook: Lights

To wrap things up, I strongly recommend that you give Lights a listen. Here are some lyrics to one of my favourites, The Listening:

I always get it better right afterward
When all the wrong impressions are said and heard
How come I can never get the right words, I need to convey
Wish I could explain

Can I let the trees do the talking
Can I let the ground do the walking
Can I let the sky fill what's missing
Can I let my mouth do the listening, the listening