Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Parental Advisory: Explicit Contents

**Please note that after re-reading my last post I decided to re-write it**

Is it just me, or does almost every CD cover have this stamped on the front of it these days?

I understand that artists have a need to express themselves and that they should be allowed to use whichever words they chose in their lyrics, but is it really necessary to use these words so much?

Obviously, certain words are used more in certain genres but you can find excessive swearing in almost any style these days.

Exhibit "A" - Money for Nothing by Dire Straits, where you will find the lyrics "See the little f****t with the earring and the makeup / Yeah buddy that's his own hair / That little f****t got his own jet airplane / That little f****t he's a millionaire". Ok, we get it, you don't like Michael Jackson...but did you really have to use that word that many times?

Exhibit "B" - Lighters by Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars, which has enough swear words in it to offend a sailor. Seriously, you listen to this song on the radio and it sounds like morse code for all the words that are bleeped out!

Exhibit "C" - Grand Ole Opry by Hank Williams III, which chides "new country" and says "Hank Williams still aint re-instated and I'll tell ya / thats f**king bull s**t / and the king Jimmy Martin if he were still here he'd tell em all to suck his d**k". Now Hank III isn't exactly known for being proper, but Country music is...you'd be surprised at just how many country songs drop the f-bomb or use the s-word.

You'll also find the occaisional swear word in an Adele song, or even hear Josh Groban drop an f-bomb in a parody (I'm F**king Ben Affleck anyone? Go look it up on YouTube, it's Jimmy Kimmel's reply to Sarah Silverman's I'm F**king Matt Damon). You go to pretty much any concert these days and the artists are swearing up a storm on stage so that people know how "real" they are (even Michael Bublé had a potty mouth at his last concert in Ottawa).

I guess I'm not really complaining - I listen to these songs and I even sing along to most of them...but really, is all the swearing necessary? You tell me.

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