Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Before I get into my post, I want you to know that the whole time I'm writing this I'm humming the a cappella theme from Glee :o)

I love Glee. I know that not everyone does, and that's okay! I didn't get into the show until the second half of the first season but oh am I a Gleek now! While I really enjoy the characters and the story lines, the real reason I love Glee is the music.

Sure, that seems like an obvious reason to love the show, but it's true! I love that they sing almost anything, from Michael Jackson to TLC to Broadway to Country! My absolute favourites though, are the mash-ups! Who would have ever thought you'd hear I Feel Pretty from West Side Story mashed with Unpretty by TLC? I mean sure, now that it's been done it seems obvious, but before that can you honestly say that you had thought of it? Didn't think so.

For those of you who can't stand Glee, that's okay, I can't stand The Office. For those of you who've never watched Glee, you should give it a try! It's a really fun show that is well written and entertaining. At the very worst you'll have only wasted an hour of your life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Music is my boyfriend

I love my husband to pieces, I really do. In fact, just today he was very sweet to me when I misunderstood his question and was a bit of a (total) bitch with him. I'm lucky to have someone who puts up with me really!

Anywho, when my husband isn't around I cheat on him - with my radio. My name is Andréa and I am a radio slut. Although I have three stations that I listen to on a regular and daily basis I also hop around the dial on a daily basis, listening for something new, something old, something weird, something boring. Seriously, I will listen to almost anything on the radio. In fact, the other day I actually stopped the dial (not that my car radio, which I was listening to at the time, has an actual dial...) on radio Bingo. B12...B12...O69...O69...

I've also caught myself listening to the international music station based out of Ottawa. Depending on the time/day you can hear anything from Indian (think Bollywood) to Chinese, Spanish to African. Although I'm not a huge world music buff, it is interesting to listen to the way their music is different from North-American music.

So there, I've taken the first step - admitted I have a problem, an addiction. My name is Andréa and I am a radio slut.