Friday, August 12, 2011

Looking for Caller No. 9!

I'm sure we've all done it - tried to be that certain caller to win that amazing prize from the local radio station. Some of us have been lucky, some not so much.

I've been lucky a couple of times; I've won CDs, passes to local events, but my best and most memorable prize was concert tickets! It was quite a long time ago now - 2004 I think - and 93.9 Bob FM (in Ottawa, ON) was giving away REM tickets every time they played one of their songs. I'm not a huge REM fan but I do really enjoy their music and I was determined to win! I had the radio on in my room almost 24/7 and anytime an REM song came on I'd call the number. Most of the time I got a busy signal, once I was caller number 2 (they were looking for a different caller, though I don't remember which anymore). Finally, on the second or third day of the contest, I made it through and I was the right caller! I had one the tickets! I did it! I remember being so excited to have won!

After winning the tickets I called Jeff and told him. He said "you're kidding right?" I was a little miffed at his answer, why wouldn't he think that I could win a simple contest? He came over later that day and asked me again, "you really won the tickets?" I told him that yes, I had won the tickets and he looked disappointed. I asked him what was wrong and he pulled out a piece of paper. He had bought me tickets to the concert that morning, knowing how much I'd wanted to go to the show!

I was so thankful that he'd bought me the tickets, really it was so sweet of him, but at the same time I kind of shook my head, "why would you buy me tickets when you knew I was trying to win them?" I'd asked. He just shrugged and said he didn't think I'd actually win. Silly boys.

In the end it all worked out; I took a friend and we used the tickets I won and Jeff took a friend and they used the bought tickets. We all had lots of fun and it's one of those stories that I'll never forget!

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